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Science Schmience.

What is it with some people and their irrational fear of science and medicine? It certainly can't be from any historical misuses of the two. These people tend to know nothing about anything that happened before 1975. What scares me is that this nonsense is slowly creeping closer to home, my home that is. In all its flamboyant, retarded glory. A not so entertaining little production by and for drama queens.

This person will not be added to my friend list anytime soon.

Well then, keep your filthy disease ridden children far away from me. Don't come crying when they turn out sterile from HPV, deaf from measles or dead from influenza. These things could do you real harm, seriously. How many times does it need to be said? Vaccination does not cause autism!

But this isn't about any actual danger posed by vaccination. And there are some slight risks. It's about parents being ill-informed, knowingly ignorant and hooked on the fear that the media provides them. What an indulgence. What spoiled childish behaviour. What a white person's privilege. What yuppie fucking bullshit. If people like this end up breaking herd immunity I hope they are the last to go. Just so that they can see what they helped create. Third world style pandemics on main street. It'll be quite the show.