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'merican Medicinal Madness.

Many people view the American health care system as broken. As in, temporarily broken down. They believe that with some new corrective legislation and minor tweaks it'll be up and running again, good as new. I fear however that the situation is much worse than that. I fear we are dealing with a massive case of systemic failure. A rot that goes so deep as to be incurable. An infection that started somewhere else in society but that has now completely overtaken a system that is vital to said societies continuation.

What started out as a wish to do good business paired with the right to the pursuit of happiness has over time and various negative influences warped into a mentality of psychotic greed. The problem is two-fold:

  • Ordinary supposedly God-fearing Americans justify their reluctance to reform by biblical verse taken out of context, plain ill willed ignorance or some inculcated fear of "socialism". What it comes down to in the end is fear. Fear of not having enough. And the fear of what you do have being taken away from you.
  • The owners of America see these fears they've so skillfully seeded into society and exploit them to their fullest potential. Fueling them by hypothesising a we-against-them type scenario where someone is somehow out to destroy this wonderful health care system which everyone loves, sometime soon.

Fear is a powerful tool. Apparently it can even convince people that they're not actually being raped; they're being loved - forcefully. The facets to all of this are too many to delve into here. But needless to say this culture of rampant fear and Bottom line blindness has been allowed to do massive damage on the morals of medicine and plain human compassion.

It has taken America over seventy years to even begin to approach a "public option" health care system like the ones employed by every other industrialized nation. One has to guess that millions must have died due to lack of health care during those decades. More than 45,000 people each year by some estimates. Yet no one seemed to feel any urgency to fix the problem. Conscience soothed by bags of money from people in high places, no doubt.

The American health care system needs to be taken out behind the barn and shot. Point blank. In the face. Everyone has to know this by now. Even staunch Republicans must feel that twinge of disgust towards it, deep down in those empty suites they wear. The system has grown into this rabid dog about to chew the faces off of your entire family if it gets the chance. It is not Old Yeller. It's not even Cujo. Even if it's always been a good friend to you, the fact still remains that it kills poor people every day. At least Cujo killed indiscriminately.

Open wide and say "Aaaaah!"


Science Schmience.

What is it with some people and their irrational fear of science and medicine? It certainly can't be from any historical misuses of the two. These people tend to know nothing about anything that happened before 1975. What scares me is that this nonsense is slowly creeping closer to home, my home that is. In all its flamboyant, retarded glory. A not so entertaining little production by and for drama queens.

This person will not be added to my friend list anytime soon.

Well then, keep your filthy disease ridden children far away from me. Don't come crying when they turn out sterile from HPV, deaf from measles or dead from influenza. These things could do you real harm, seriously. How many times does it need to be said? Vaccination does not cause autism!

But this isn't about any actual danger posed by vaccination. And there are some slight risks. It's about parents being ill-informed, knowingly ignorant and hooked on the fear that the media provides them. What an indulgence. What spoiled childish behaviour. What a white person's privilege. What yuppie fucking bullshit. If people like this end up breaking herd immunity I hope they are the last to go. Just so that they can see what they helped create. Third world style pandemics on main street. It'll be quite the show.


Long days, tall orders of coffee.

Tomorrow the school year officially starts. Back to university and all the toils that this implies. Luckily the government grant (for me as a student) just went through and I finally have  some funds on the old  bank account. After the bills are paid this will of course be whittled down to a mere husk of its former cashy glory. But there is at least enough left over for me to be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee outside the confines of my home, whenever I choose. And I choose to quite often.

I've said goodbye to a few friends this summer. They're moving away to far-off lands and brighter futures and better prospects than this town could possibly offer. I hope to be rejoining them soon. So that we can once again discuss random bullshit on topics of which we know little. while at the same time imbibing in the joys of "life". They'll know what I mean. Hopefully.

Good luck to you all. But mostly to my bromance partner Sven. Who is traveling to The Great White North. A place I myself enjoyed immensely. Tell them Patrik sent you..



Am I Missing Something?

The latest U2 album has me more than a little perplexed. The name of it, that is. No Line On The Horizon...

Has Bono developed a sense of irony in his golden years? Or have I grown dumber? Either way I'm quite confused at the moment.